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Not all moths are small, brown and ugly and eat clothes. In fact, without these night flying insects we could lose plants such as jasmine and wallflower who pump out their perfume at night time to be pollinated. Bees and butterflies are not around then. In addition to this vital role they are also a vital [...]


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We are lucky to have 56 different varieties in the UK and Ireland. They are a fundamentally important part of the ecosystem. Where you find lots of butterflies you find lots of invertebrates. They have fascinating life cycles and one of the best ways to teach children from a young age about the natural world. A [...]

Long Tongued Bees

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These are the bees we are most familiar with. They include bees from the Bombus, Megachilidae & Hymenoptera species. We know some of them as Bumble bees, Leaf cutter bees and Solitary bees. These been can access hard to reach nectar and pollen as their tongues can reach up to 12mm. They don’t need to land [...]

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