The company was founded in London in 2009 and, in 2015, we made the move to Lincolnshire in order to expand our plants and growing business.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our plants and also our knowledge and friendly customer service. Plants – especially the magnificent Achillea – and design are our passion, and we love to combine the two with the plants we offer, our specialist courses and our award-winning garden designs.

We have also appeared on television and radio – watch here!

John Cullen in his greenhouse as a young schoolboy in 1977.

John was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and moved to London in the late 1980s.

From the age of six, I would follow my father around the garden. The large family garden with a heated greenhouse was the ultimate extra outdoor room, where the family spent most of our spare time.

My first packet of seeds, picked at the local garden centre, was Marrows. Different, but this first independent foray produced a bumper crop, so much so that Mum couldn’t pass the pickings on to others quickly enough. Next, I turned my hand to Marigolds and that year our garden was a blaze of orange.

There, my love of all things horticultural began.

Prior to launching my garden business, I worked in the event industry.
Many of these events involved outdoor areas that had to be decorated. My work took me across the globe, working with many cultures, and gained me vast project management experience.

Throughout this time, my dream was to, at some stage, have my own business in the horticultural industry. I finally took a leap of faith in 2008 and studied with both KLC School of Design in Chelsea and the Royal Horticultural Society.

Hugh Faulds is the Creative Director of John Cullen Gardens.

I have had a varied teaching career in graphic design, alongside dance and drama, but have always held a passion for every aspect of beauty and design. In 2011, I completed a course at the Academy of Flowers in London.

I also hail from Scotland and my pathway to horticulture took many twists and turns. Originally moving to London to train as a dancer, I decided on a teaching career, and taught graphic design and 3D art. I moved into social work, working with adults with learning difficulties.

I always wanted to move back into the creative industry and in 2010, joined John at John Cullen Gardens.

I am delighted to add my artistic flair to all our projects. I have studied with Capel Manor for my horticulture foundation and also with the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers for floral design.

John & Hugh


Bailey’s previous owner was unable to give him the time he needed so he joined our family aged 8 months old. He was very shy and quite naughty, however, with lots of quality time he soon became a fine boy and is now eleven years young. Bichon/Jack Russell-cross, Bailey loves people as much as he loves to bark. He will always finds the sunniest spot in the nursery and has an army of fans who love and adore him.

Bailey Profile Picture


Betsy has been with us since she was a puppy and now just over two years old.
She is very nosey and guards the nursery. She is not a fan of bicycles and will often be found sitting by the gate just in case one passes, so she can warn us with lots of barking. Bichon/Coton de Tuleur-cross, both her Mum and Dad were Crufts show dogs.
She’s a bit of diva and likes to strike a pose. Betsy is not a fan of mornings and loves her beauty sleep. She certainly rules the roost here at Eagle Lodge.

The Girls (and a couple of boys…)

In 2020, we decided to introduce some chickens into the nursery. For two reasons: first, chickens are natural predators and help us to reduce the number of slugs and snails and other unwelcome critters. The second for fresh eggs! The first arrivals were rescue laying hens Clarissa, Priscilla, Ginger, Blu and Maude; they were followed by a fine cockerel named Prince, then Black Booted Bantams, Jack and Jill, and finally a Gold Dutch called Doris. They love to wander freely round the nursery and follow us wherever we are working pecking at our feet and any critters we disturb. Leader of the flock currently is Ginger, and she definitely likes to organise plans, just like her namesake.

Watch our BBC interview here

National Collection of Achillea

Our Awards

We only started exhibiting at shows and events in 2016 and we are proud to have secured over 20 medals in this time.


Gold at the Blenheim Palace Flower Show
Silver Gilt at the RHS London Early Spring Plant Fair
Silver Gilt at the RHS London Autumn Show


Silver Gilt at the Harrogate Spring Show
Silver at RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Silver Gilt at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show
Silver Gilt at BBC Gardeners World Live Show


Silver Gilt at RHS Tatton


Silver Gilt at RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival
Silver Gilt at RHS Tatton Flower Show

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