Being passionate about plants that’s the hardest question for us to answer. Lets break it down into three sections; plants, herbs and cut flowers. John says Achillea millefolium Summer Wine is just divine. Any achillea will work hard in the garden, the deep wine colour of this variety will pop in any garden. Origanum Country Cream great form or Oregano that creates a carpet of wonderful scented pale-yellow leaves. Edible and beautiful. Dahlia Café au Lait for a cut flower, big showy and lasts for around 10 days in the vase. Hugh says Hydrangea paniculate Pinky Winky this form of hydrangea has big conical flowers that the bees love. They start a pure white and in Autumn turn a hue of pink. Ocimum kilmandscharicum x basilicum ‘Dark Opal’ or African Blue Basil is an amazing herb, sadly tender but worth buying every year for the colour and texture. The leaves and flowers can be eaten and the stems of the plant look dramatic too. Nigellla or Love in a mist is my all time favourite flower. Gorgeous delicate blue and white flowers mid spring and the seed head look fabulous right thorough to winter and are saved and dried for my Christmas wreaths.