Long Tongued Bees

These are the bees we are most familiar with. They include bees from the Bombus, Megachilidae & Hymenoptera species. We know some of them as Bumble bees, Leaf cutter bees and Solitary bees. These been can access hard to reach nectar and pollen as their tongues can reach up to 12mm. They don’t need to land on flowers and can instead hover at the flower and reach their tongue into the flower. Their bodies tend to much bigger.

When trying to encourage them to your garden think of two small things that will make a big difference. These bees love cover. Bees need a break from the sun and heat, too. Planting ground cover can give them a place to hide out between feedings and flying. Try to have plants such as pulmonaria, ajuga, aubretia prostrate rosemary and oregano which have low growing habits.


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