Abelia grandiflora Goldsport

Abelia grandiflora 'Goldsport'

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Lovely semi-evergreen shrub with lovely yellow foliage and the added bonus of flowers that are fragrant white tinged pink from June throught to September. Height 1.2m. Best in full sun but can tolerate a little shade. Good for bees and butterflies.
Genus: Abelia
Species: chinensis
Plant type: shrub
Life cycle: deciduous woody perennial
Hardiness: Frost hardy: the plant can tolerate temperatures down to about -5C or 23F.
Leaf colour when growing: glossy dark green
Leaf shape: ovate
Leaf margin: crenate
Leaf arrangement: opposite
Approx leaf length (cm): 4
Can be grown from: greenwood or semi-ripe cuttings
Propagation: Root the cuttings in early summer.
Soil conditions: Fertile well drained soil.
Water needs: Dry conditions. Water in summer so that soil is semi-moist.
Light requirements: Full sun
Cultivation methods: Grow in well-drained fertile soil, with full sun and shelter from cold dry winds.
Natural habitat: Hillsides and open woodlands in Asia and Mexico. Lives from 5 to 20 years
Interest and use: Foliage and freely borne, elegant flowers, climbing.
Min height (m): 1
Max height (m): 1.5
Min spread (m): 1
Max spread (m): 2.5
Flower type: terminal panicles
Flower shape: Funnel-shaped
Flower colour: pink-white
Size of inflorescence: Quite small (1 to 3 cm)
Profusion of flowers: Profuse
Fragrance: pleasant fragrant flowers
Spring colour: glossy dark green
Summer colour: glossy dark green
Autumn colour: glossy dark green
Min growing temp (C): 10
Max growing temp (C): 33
Min optimum temp (C): 16
Growth rate: moderate
Growth habit: broad bushy
Climatic zone: 9
Origin: Himalayas, E. Asia, Mexico
Blooming time start: Mid summer
Blooming time end: Mid autumn