Achillea Saucy Seduction

Achillea millefolium 'Saucy Seduction'

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A relatively new introduction of yarrow that is midsized and upright with rose-pink flowers. Flowers from June to the early Autumn. Height & Spread 50cm. Full sun. Adored by butterflies. Regular deadheading will encourage more flowers. Works really well in pots.
Genus: Achillea
Species: millefolium
Plant type: herb
Life cycle: perennial
Hardiness: Fully hardy: the plant can tolerate temperatures down to about -15C or 5F
Leaf colour when growing: bright grey-green
Leaf shape: linear lance pinnasect
Leaf arrangement: whorled pinnate
Approx leaf length (cm): 10
Can be grown from: Division, Seeds, Stem cuttings, Root cuttings
Soil conditions: sandy or dry, chalky, poor quality soil.
Water needs: Moist conditions with dry atmospheric conditions.
Light requirements: Full sun
Natural habitat: Meadows, pastures, lawns etc. on all but the poorest soils. Lives from 3 to 10 years
Interest and use: Border, cutting bed, dried arrangements, borders, medicinal.
Min height (m): 0.08
Max height (m): 0.65
Min spread (m): 0.5
Max spread (m): 0.75
Min pH: 7.0 Neutral
Flower type: Corymb flat topped flower clusters that are up to 5 across