Daucus carota

Wild Carrot - Daucus carota

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Ever since appearing at Chelsea in 2011 this hardy annual wild flower has become very popular. With umbels of white and purple and almost fern like foliage it adds a real wispy and wild feel to any garden. Height 90cm. Full sun. Great for wildlife.
Genus: Daucus
Species: carota
Plant type: vegetable herbs
Life cycle: biennial, annual.
Hardiness: Half hardy: the plant will tolerate temperatures down to 0C or 32F.
Leaf colour when growing: deep green
Leaf shape: fern
Leaf margin: lobed
Leaf arrangement: alternate pinnate
Approx leaf length (cm): 20
Can be grown from: seeds
Soil conditions: Medium organic soil type. Moderate depth. well drained. Low salinity. moderately fertile.
Water needs: Moist conditions
Light requirements: Full sun with some shade
Cultivation methods: Harvesting may start in Early autumn. Harvesting may end in Mid autumn. Fairly easy to grow.
Pests, diseases or disorders: Greenfly and carrot fly.
Natural habitat: Cultivated and waste land, amongst grass, especially by the sea and on chalk.
Interest and use: wildflower/meadow, dried arrangements, vegetable, food, culinary Attracts butterflies
Min height (m): 0.3
Max height (m): 1
Min spread (m): 0.2
Max spread (m): 0.3
Min pH: 5.0 Acid
Max pH: 8.0 Slightly alkaline
Flower type: terminal umbel
Flower colour: white, middle flower usually purple or red.
Size of inflorescence: Small (less than 1 cm)
Fragrance: quite rich
Spring colour: bight green
Summer colour: bright green
Fruit type: soft vegetable, carrot
Size of fruit: Small (less than 1 cm)
Min growing temp (C): 3
Max growing temp (C): 30
Min optimum temp (C): 15
Plant gender: Hermaphrodite
Growth habit: upright, hairy
Climatic zone: 8
Origin: Britain
Planting time start: Early spring
Blooming time start: Early summer
Blooming time end: Late summer