Gerbera Garvinea Sweet Surprise (PBR)

Gerbera Garvinea 'Sweet Surprise'

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These fantastic winter-hardy gerbera begin flowering late spring, continue through the summer and into the autumn offering 3 seasons of colour. The Garvinea® Sweet Series is considered the ‘crème de la crème’ of the gerberas and is an award winner. Each plant may produce up to 70 flowers per year. This selection features large, raspberry-pink flowers with creamy-yelow centres held on strong stems that are excellent for cutting. Height & Spread 45cm.
Genus: Gerbera
Plant type: herb
Life cycle: perennial
Hardiness: Half hardy to frost tender, min 5C.
Leaf colour when growing: mid green
Leaf shape: lance-shaped
Leaf margin: dentate or toothed
Leaf arrangement: rosette or pinnate
Can be grown from: seeds, cuttings or division.
Propagation: heel cuttings from side shoots in summer or by seed in autumn or early spring.
Soil conditions: Light, moderate fertility, sandy well drained soil.
Light requirements: Grow in full sun.
Pests, diseases or disorders: Leaf spot and miners, root rot, aphids, whitefly and tarsonemid mites may be all be problematic.
Flower type: Single flowers
Flower shape: Disc-shaped
Flower colour: red, pink, purple, orange or yellow
Spring colour: mid green
Summer colour: mid green
Autumn colour: mid green
Min growing temp (C): 12
Max growing temp (C): 35
Min optimum temp (C): 18
Growth habit: rosette
Climatic zone: 11
Origin: Mountainous Africa, Asia
Blooming time start: Mid summer