Ilex crenata Green Hedge

Ilex crenata 'Green Hedge'

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Japanese box leaf holly. This is a dense and compact evergreen shrub. It will produce glossy leaves and small black berries. The best alternative to box hedging which will not be attacked by blight or moths. Slow growing great for hedging or for pots and containers. Good for bees. New growth is always a yellow-green which then ages to dark green.
Genus: Ilex
Species: crenata
Plant type: shrub tree
Life cycle: evergreen
Hardiness: Frost hardy: the plant can tolerate temperatures down to about -5C or 23F.
Leaf colour when growing: glossy dark green
Leaf shape: elliptical ovate
Approx leaf length (cm): 3
Can be grown from: Stem cuttings
Soil conditions: moist, light, medium, heavy clay soil.
Light requirements: Partial sun
Natural habitat: Thickets, woods and wet places in lowland and mountains all over Japan.
Interest and use: Specimen, ornamental, foliage, hedging
Min height (m): 1
Max height (m): 4
Min spread (m): 1
Max spread (m): 2
Min pH: 5.0 Acid
Max pH: 6.0 Slightly acid
Flower colour: White
Profusion of flowers: Medium
Spring colour: dark green
Summer colour: dark green
Autumn colour: dark green
Winter colour: dark green
Fruit type: soft berry or currant
Size of fruit: Small (less than 1 cm)
Min growing temp (C): 10
Max growing temp (C): 33
Min optimum temp (C): 16
Growth rate: slow
Growth habit: dense compact
Climatic zone: 9
Origin: Japan
Blooming time start: Early spring