Mentha piperita f.citrata BasilMentha piperita f.citrata Basil

Mint - Basil

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Mentha piperita f.citrata. This spreading perennial has spikes of small, tubular, purple flowers with two lips in late summer. A carpet of oval, dark green ,strongly scented leaves appears. One of the first mints to appear and great for pesto sauces until the warmer weather bring the real basil.
Genus: Mentha
Species: piperita hybrid
Variety: Citrata
Plant type: herb
Life cycle: perennial
Hardiness: Fully hardy: the plant can tolerate temperatures down to about -15C or 5F.
Leaf colour when growing: dark green
Leaf shape: oval
Approx leaf length (cm): 6
Soil conditions: light, medium, heavy, clay
Natural habitat: A natural hybrid, M. aquatica x M. spicata found in moist soils on the sides of ditches, roadsides etc in S. England.
Min height (m): 0.3
Max height (m): 0.5
Min spread (m): 0.6
Max spread (m): 1
Flower type: Spike
Flower shape: Tubular
Flower colour: purple
Size of inflorescence: Small (less than 1 cm)
Spring colour: dark green
Summer colour: dark green
Autumn colour: dark green
Min growing temp (C): 8
Max growing temp (C): 30
Min optimum temp (C): 14
Growth habit: spreading
Climatic zone: 7
Origin: Britain
Blooming time start: Late summer