Philadelphus Frosty Morn

Philadelphus 'Frosty Morn'

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Lovely compact variety of Mock Orange that is highly sought after. Abundant profuse clusters of double white flowers. The delicate, orange-blossom fragrance floats on the breeze on warm summer evenings. Height 1.5m. Sun or part shade. Suitable for pot & containers.
Genus: Philadelphus
Plant type: shrub
Life cycle: deciduous
Hardiness: Fully hardy to frost hardy, min -5C.
Leaf colour when growing: mid-green
Leaf shape: ovate, elliptical
Leaf arrangement: simple opposite
Approx leaf length (cm): 8
Can be grown from: cuttings or seeds.
Propagation: softwood cuttings in summer.
Soil conditions: Moderate fertility and chalky clay well drained soil.
Water needs: Moist conditions with dry atmospheric conditions.
Light requirements: Full sun
Cultivation methods: They are moderately to very frost hardy, they are easily grown in moist, well-drained soil and need a position in sun or light shade. You can propagate from seeds or from cuttings taken in summer. After flowering, cut some older shoots back to young grow
Pests, diseases or disorders: May become infested with aphids.
Interest and use: Grown for their usually fragrant flowers and bark
Min height (m): 1
Max height (m): 3.5
Min pH: 7.0 Neutral
Max pH: 9.0 Alkaline
Flower type: single racemes panicles cymes
Flower shape: Cup-shaped bowl-shaped cross-shaped
Flower colour: white-cream
Profusion of flowers: Profuse
Fragrance: pleasant
Spring colour: mid-green
Summer colour: mid-green
Autumn colour: mid-green
Min growing temp (C): 10
Max growing temp (C): 33
Min optimum temp (C): 16
Climatic zone: 9
Origin: Europe, North America
Blooming time start: Early summer
Blooming time end: Mid summer