Rosmarinus officinalisRosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary - Common

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Rosmarinus officinalis - Evergreen hardy herb. Height & Spread 1m. Pale blue flowers early spring. Most useful culinary herb. Combines well with all meat especially lamb, baked fish, rise dishes, tomato sauces, egg dishes. Make into tea for combating bad breath. Full sun for best flavour. Happy in pots. Good for bees and butterflies
Genus: Rosmarinus
Species: officinalis
Plant type: herb shrub
Life cycle: evergreen perennial
Hardiness: Half hardy: the plant will tolerate temperatures down to 0C or 32F.
Leaf colour when growing: green shades
Leaf shape: small linear needlelike leaves
Leaf arrangement: opposite whorled
Approx leaf length (cm): 2.5
Can be grown from: Seeds, Division, Stem cuttings
Propagation: Take heeled cuttings during summer, autumn or winter from strong side shoots.
Soil conditions: Light to medium shallow well drained soil, with low salinity and moderately fertile.
Water needs: Semi-moist conditions with dry atmospheric conditions. Tolerates drought
Light requirements: Full sun
Cultivation methods: They will prefer a sunny site with poor, well drained soil. You can propagate from seeds or cuttings in summer.
Natural habitat: Dry scrub and rocky places, especially near the sea.
Interest and use: Culinary, border, fragrance, medicinal, foliage, banks, hedging, specimen, conservatory Spring/Summer interest. Suitable for coastal conditions.
Min height (m): 1
Max height (m): 2
Min spread (m): 0.75
Max spread (m): 1.5
Min pH: 5.0 Acid
Max pH: 7.0 Neutral
Flower type: axillary clusters of small flower clusters along the stems
Flower shape: Tubular
Flower colour: pale purplish white
Size of inflorescence: Small (less than 1 cm)
Profusion of flowers: Medium
Fragrance: quite rich aromatic leaves - fragrant foliage
Spring colour: dark green
Summer colour: green purple blue
Autumn colour: green purple blue
Winter colour: dark green
Min growing temp (C): 8
Max growing temp (C): 38
Min optimum temp (C): 18
Growth rate: moderate
Growth habit: upright rounded dense bushy
Climatic zone: 9
Origin: Mediterranean
Blooming time start: Mid spring
Blooming time end: Late autumn