Thymus vulgaris compactus

Thyme - common compact

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Thymus vulgaris. Fully hardy evergreen perennial, Ht. 20 cm. Mauve flowers in summer. Small mid green leaves. Culinary, use in stews, salads & sauces. Medicinal, antibacterial and anti fungal. Compact domed growth habit. Good for bees and butterflies. Full sun. Happy in pots.
Genus: Thymus
Plant type: subshrubs and herbs
Life cycle: evergreen perennials
Hardiness: Fully hardy to frost hardy, min -5C.
Leaf colour when growing: green yellow
Leaf shape: oval to linear
Leaf arrangement: opposite
Can be grown from: cuttings or division.
Propagation: Softwood or semi-ripe cuttings in summer.
Soil conditions: Moist but well drained soil.
Water needs: Dry conditions with dry atmospheric conditions.
Light requirements: Requires sun.
Cultivation methods: They are fully to marginally frost hardy, You should plant them out from early autumn through to early spring in a sunny site with moist, well-drained soil. You can propagate from cuttings in the summer or by division.
Interest and use: Useful for growing on banks and in rock gardens, troughs and paving.
Flower type: clusters
Flower shape: Tubular
Flower colour: pink purple white
Size of inflorescence: Small (less than 1 cm)
Spring colour: green yellow
Summer colour: green yellow
Autumn colour: green yellow
Winter colour: green yellow
Min growing temp (C): 10
Max growing temp (C): 33
Min optimum temp (C): 16
Growth habit: low dense
Climatic zone: 9
Origin: Eurasia
Blooming time start: Early summer
Blooming time end: Late summer