Short Tongued Bees

Sometimes these bees can be confused for wasps as they have slim bodies they include bees from the Hylaeus, Colletes and Adrena species, in the UK the most prevalent is the Apis mellifera or Western Honey Bee. These bees need flowers that they land and have an open habit making it easy to reach the nectar with their short tongues. Honey bee colonies will normally consist of around 30,000 – 60,000 bees. The females do all the work! Males are used for mating. It takes around 556 bees to gather 1lb of honey to planting the right plants are essential. Plenty of flowering herbs and lots of daisy like flowers will keep the honey bees happy. Planting in bold drifts rather that dotting plants around the garden will also attract more of these bees. Honey bees need food from when it warms up in Spring right through to early Winter so think of planting in succession so there is always plants to tempt them to your garden.

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